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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  Through the automated online continuing education management system, all information regarding successfully completed activites will be reported to CPE Monitor, the national ACPE/NAP reporting system.  However, CPE Consultants, LLC encourages participants to print a copy of all Statements of Continuing Education Credit in the unlikely event there is a system failure.

Each participant will be provided the online management sytem's URL and step-by-step instructions to create an account and access activity descriptions and if applicable, pre-coursework materials or a pre-test to be completed before attending the activity.
Once the activity has been successfully attended, the participant will log into their online management system account and may be required to complete a post-test prior to evaluating the activity.  Once all post-activity requirements are completd, a Statement of Continuing Pharmacy Education Credit will populate.  Participants are encouraged to keep a printed copy in the event of system malfunction.
All Statements of Continuing Pharmacy Credit conform to ACPE guidelines.

Yes.  All pharmacists who create an account with our Learning Express online management system will be required to include their NABP e-Profile ID in order for statements of credit to be submitted to the CPE Monitor and State Board of Pharmacies.  If you have not set an NABP e-Profile, instructions can be found on the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) website: 
All questions regaring your e-Profile ID are to be directed to NAPB Customer Service at: 847-391-4406.

Pharmacists will receive a unique ID after setting up an e-Profile with NAPB and registering for CPE Monitor.  ACPE-accredited providers, such as CPE Consultants, LLC, have transitioned their systems to CPE Monitor, which means that you will need to provide your NAPE e-Profile ID and date of birth when you register for continuing pharmacy education or submit a request for credit.  Transmission of CPE data is a three-step process.  Refer to the NABP website for further instructions.

CPE Consutants, LLC will assure that all participants are offered a means to voice complaints and seek resolution of problems through a standard policy and procedure for the administration of all grievances.  All grievances related to continuing education programs accredited by CPE Consultants, LLC will be requested to be made in writing to the Administrator.  The Administrator will make every effort to resolve the issue informally.  The complainant shall receive written notification of the ruling by the Administrator with four weeks following presentations of his/her case.  All decision made by the Administrator will be final and represent the official position of CPE Consultants, LC regarding the complaint.

Providers are expected to maintain activity and participant records for a minimum of six years.  This policy has been updated from previous ACPE Polic 6.0 Record Keeping, which stated records were to be maintained for a minimum of five years.

Participants who have attended an activity approved by CPE Consultants, LLC are given a deadline date of 30 days after the date of the activity to complete the requirements to receive a Statement of Continuing Education Credit. 
After this time period, a system wipeout clears all pending activity into CPE Monitoring during this time, so it is critical that participants complete their evaluations within the allotted time frame.  Failure to do so will result in a loss of continuing education credit.
CPE Consultants, LLC gives the deadline date of 30 days because the approved providers require time to process a CPE activity claim and transmit it to ACPE.  If you do not submit your credit to CPE Consultants, LLC by the designated deadline date, CPE Consultants, LLC will be unable to submit your claim to ACPE for transmission to your e-Profile.

As an ACPE-accredited CPE providers, CPE Consultants, LLC is expected to phase out paper CPE statements of credit for completion of ACPE-accredited courses, the CPE Monitor service, as part of the NABP e-Profile, is expected to be the single repository of this information and will be maintained on licensees’ behalf and reported to state boards who request verification of CPE. Candidates who create an NABP e-Profile will be able to monitor through the CPE Monitor service the accuracy and completeness of their CPE information reported by ACPE-accredited providers, and can proactively contact the provider if their information is not properly reported. Individuals who create an e-Profile and register for CPE Monitor will also be able to access and print or download a record of ACPE-accredited CPE activities for their own records, or in cases where their licensing agency requires it.

If you do not create an e-Profile and register for CPE Monitor, this information will not be collected on your behalf to report to your licensing board(s) as part of any CPE audit. This may have consequences for you in your efforts to maintain your licensure in states where CPE compliance is required. CPE Consultants, LLC strongly encourages all licensees to create and maintain their e-Profiles and fully register for CPE Monitor to ensure that there are no difficulties when maintaining their pharmacist license or technician license/registration/certification.